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With four young children to look after, it’s no surprise that author and media business owner Lolo is no stranger to chaos and to juggling multiple elements in her home and work life all at once. Founder of Lolo Media, Lolo is a PR specialist and magazine journalist who is a shining example of a woman who can be all the things she wants to be while raising her young brood and running a successful business. A highly organised master of work life balance, Lolo’s debut novel ‘Dressed up as love’ scored rave reviews and now she is here to help you find your passion and to build the career you’ve always wanted while leading the life you want to lead.

Lolo Stubbs

England, UK

Successful PR Specialist, Author, Working Mum & Female Business Empowerer

Motivation Entrepreneurship Executive Coach

Lolo Stubbs

Lolo is the Editor of BROOD, a magazine which empowers and motivates working parents. She is also the author of the Amazon best-selling novels ‘Dressed up as Love’ and ‘Dressed up in Armour’ of which 20% of the proceeds go to Women’s Aid who Lolo is an Expect Respect Ambassador for. A mum of four children under 10, Lolo is passionate about empowering women and working parents just like herself to achieve their dreams.

Lolo has delivered speeches in high schools and colleges to inspire teenagers and show them they can achieve anything they set their mind to. If you’re looking to motivate your team to overcome their obstacles in life and push towards their goals, hear from first-hand experience with Lolo.


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